Akrux Croissant 4x50gr

Product Details

  • Brand Name
    • sottolestelle
  • Taste
    • Sweet
  • Packaging
    • Bag

Supply Ability

  • Packaging Details
    • Weight 200 gr
      Barcode 8032454040662

Detailed Product Description


Semolina durum wheat Cappelli Akrux, spelt natural yeast sourdoug, vegetable margarine (vegetable fats and oils, emulsifiers: lecithin, salt, citric acid, natural flavors), agave juice, vanilla flavoring, sunflower lecithin, salt
100% Akrux®
100% Akrux®
sweetened with agave juice
sweetened  with agave juice
natural yeast
natural yeast
Milk free
Milk free
eggs free
eggs free

Product Description

only products with natural yeast,  without sugar, eggs and milk, sweetened only with agave syrup. 

Additional Information

Sell-by date 3 months
Bio Percentage 100%