Sottolestelle Srl
Sottolestelle is certified by Aiab, The Italian Association of Organic Farming. We produce part of the raw material we use on our own Farm and we purchase part of it from a neighbouring Farm. We have total control over the extra-virgin olive oil that we produce. As well as olives we produce, almonds , cereals: spelt, durum wheat. All the products that leave our workrooms: all the Baked lines and the Traditional Pasta lines are 100% organic. None of our products are mass produced, and in fact, many of them are actually hand made one by one.

In our traditional pasta factory we only use spelt, triticum dicoccum, which is either produced by us or purchased from farms located in the central-southern Apennine area. The Kamut® that we use is the original from Montana (North America). With regard to durum wheat, we are in the process of introducing, admittedly with great difficulty, several old varieties of durum wheat.

Our spelt is stone-milled, whereas our Kamut® is roller-milled. In Sottolestelle bakery, we use excellent minor cereal grains: Farro, Kamut®, Rye, Rice, Corn, Amaranth; the wholemeal flours are all stone-milled at a slow speed, whereas sifted flours such as type “1” flours are roller-milled. We do not use type “00” flours, gluten-enriched flours or dough enhancers